Pitch Toolkit

Use this integrated resource to reduce blind spots and generate pitches to sell your project to your potential clients, investors, partners or to promote informed decisions.

What are your strenghts and weaknesses?

What are your strengths and weaknesses associated with the problem you intend to solve? Describe three of each one of them in one word.

What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What was the trigger to start this project and what is your Why?

Briefly describe what made you start the project and what is your Why related to the project.

What was the trigger that started the project?
Why are you working on this project?
Define the profile of your ideal buyer persona

Describe your top 3 ideal buyer personas, meaning the people who have the money and interest to buy your products or services.

Buyer Persona #1, #2, #3
Features and Benefits

Define the key features that characterize your product or service, and the key benefits your features create.

Your competitors

Search for and identify your potential competitors, if possible go through their sales process and analyze everything you can from them.

Describe and name your Competitors.
Your business model

Identify how are you going to generate revenues, create value, and what are the costs to deliver that value to your Buyer Personas.

Describe your business model.
What is your persuasive argument?

Your persuasive argument should focus on identifying your audience's current situation, learning about their problems/pains/challenges and what is the impact those problems are having on them. Then identifying the needs generated by that impact and finally how does your value satisfy those needs.

Your Audience's current situation.
Your Audience's problems/pains/challenges and the implications.
Your Audience's needs.
Your Value to satisfy their needs.
Your Project

Describe the team that is working on the project, make sure to include expertise and experiences. Then identify and describe the problem you're solving and the solution your providing. Finnaly identify and describe the Traction/Social proof you have. Finally state your Value statement using the example.

The team.
Problem you're solving.
Solution you're providing.
Traction/Social Proof.
Value statement.
Congratulations you're done!

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